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Wedding Process

By using our Ceremony Music List below, choosing music for your ceremony will be a fun and simple process.

The "Category" section lets you know where the selections should be played during your ceremony. Our suggestion is to listen to all of the wedding selections and check off the pieces that you like. Then place them in the appropriate section of the wedding.

Pre - Prelude music during the seating of your guests. Choose (10) pieces. We may or may not need or play all of the prelude pieces. Choose (1) additional piece for the seating of # of Grandmothers and Mothers together.

Cer - Ceremony music for the entrance of the Bridal Party (Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and Ring Bearers) * We don't need to know how many Groomsmen will be entering. Chose (1) piece.

Cer - Ceremony music for the bride's processional. Choose (1) piece.

Music during the service is optional. Please look under "Category" for selections that work for ceremony. Also list the placement in which the piece should be played during the ceremony.

Rec - Recessional music for the exit of the Bride/Groom and Bridal Party (choose 1 piece), and Guests to exit (choose 2 pieces)

The "Instrumentation" section tells you what combinations of instruments can play the pieces. When you are choosing your songs from the Ceremony Music List below, be sure that the instrumentation you chose (solo, duo, trio, quartet) will work with the pieces you choose.

S - Solo (violin) or (flute)

D - Duo (violin, cello) or (two violins) or (violin, flute)

T - Trio (violin, viola, cello) or (flute, violin, cello)

Q - Quartet (two violins, viola, cello) or (flute, violin, viola, cello)


Wedding Music Selection Process

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