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Outdoor wedding quartet

Our Sunny Office 

 Welcome to our sunny office where we are always excited to make visions come true for our wedding couples through music. 

Honor Bridge Open House 

 It was a great privilege to provide music for the Honor Bridge Grand Opening in Chapel Hill. 

Best string trio for reception
Flute, trumpet, keyboard, and strings for wedding

Powerful in Numbers 

The power of strings, flute, trumpet and keys together adds a unique flare to any special event.

Big Corporate Events 

The Brady Corporation’s annual party of over 800 at The Tanger Center for the Performing Arts would only be complete with an elegant string quartet for its roaming dinner!

Classy string quartet
electric violin and keyboard

New Wedding Trend 

 The Corda Electric Duo is the new trend for weddings and corporate events. The songbook is limitless and the duo is dynamic!

Bar Fun with String Musicians 

It’s simply a distinctive ambiance when you add a string quartet to perform at a bar (Preyer’s Brewery) with fun Contemporary favorites everyone knows!

String bar music
Jazz trio rhythm and soul

Rhythm and Soul 

What is a cocktail party without a jazz ensemble that can give rhythm and soul to those toe tapping standards!

Elegance of the Harp 

You can’t help but be swept away by the romance and elegance a harpist provides.

Elegant harp for wedding
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