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Q: What does your company offer?
A: Corda Entertainment offers violin, flute, trumpet, guitar, voice, piano/keyboard, harp to string duos, trios, quartets, quintets, jazz bands, The Corda Electric Duo, and small orchestras.

Q: What kind of events do you play for?
A: We play for bridesmaid's luncheons, rehearsal dinners, weddings, cocktail hours, receptions, corporate events, private parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs and anywhere else elegant music is wanted.

Q: What makes your company unique?
A: Corda Entertainment stays current with what people want today. Our list of Now Trending Favorites (Contemporary music) are FUN choices for ceremony as well as cocktail hour! Along with what's current, Corda Entertainment offers a huge array of styles to choose from including Broadway and Pop, Tangos, Scott Joplin Rags, Cole Porter, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Opera Favorites, Latin, Mexican, Waltzes and Classical. Some selections will work for duo and trio. Please inquire.

Q: Can you play the first dances instead of using a band?
A: Corda Entertainment has many song choices for first dances as well as father/daughter dances that can be played by a string duo, trio or quartet. This option is especially ideal when you don't want a band but you still want to do a first dance.

Q: Alison Lawson, owner and founder of the company, what is your background?
A: I am a professional violinist with a BM and MM degree from the North Carolina School of the Arts in violin performance. I have over 30 years of experience in the wedding industry and have performed for hundreds of weddings and events. I have been featured in the Triad Style Magazine and have made repeat appearances on the Good Morning Show about our business. I have an extensive knowledge about coordinating music for different combinations of groups for wedding ceremonies. I hold and continue to hold a principal position with the Greensboro Symphony orchestra since 1988.

Q: Are all the musicians professionals?
A: All of our musicians are professionals with degrees in music on their instruments. They are all local area musicians who play with either The Greensboro Symphony and/or other area orchestras. We do not hire any students or amateurs.

Q: How long do the musicians play for the ceremony?
A: The musicians play for 30 minutes of prelude time, then the seating of the grandmothers and mothers, entrance of the bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers, processional for the bride, any music wanted during the service itself and recessionals. You can extend the prelude time for additional fees.

Q: How will the musicians know when to play the processional music?
A: If you have a coordinator or director we will coordinate this with them before we start the prelude music. If you do not we will guide you through the process and ask you to assign someone to let us know that everyone is ready.

Q: I have a piece I would like for you to play, but I don't see it in your repertoire. Will you play it?
A: The website is comprised of samples of what we offer. This is not a complete listing. Our library is quite vast. If you have a piece you would like played, please ask us if we have it. If we do not, we will research it for the best arrangement. Fees are nominal.

Q: How many recessionals will you play?
A: We will play recessionals until all of your guests have moved to the next location. This is generally 3 or 4 recessionals.

Q: Do the musicians come to the rehearsal?
A: The musicians are not needed at the rehearsal. We will have everything in place for you way ahead of time before your ceremony day. It doesn't matter how fast or slow people walk down the isle. We will accommodate it and end the piece appropriately when they arrive.

Q: Do the musicians play outdoors?
A: We will play outdoors as long as the temperature is at least 60 degrees or warmer and require a shady spot or tent covering. If colder, we will need large heaters near the group. Please note: extreme temperatures will greatly affect the sound quality of the instruments and can cause damage to them. Therefore, we will not play outdoors under 55 degrees. If rain is in the forecast,  there must be an alternate indoor location planned.

Q: I don't know whether to hire a solo, duo, trio, quartet or quintet. How do I decide?
A: If your event is outdoors there is a bigger space to fill with sound. If you are expecting 50 guests or less we recommend a solo instrument or duo, 50-100 guests a duo, 100-150 guests a trio, and over 150 guests a quartet or quintet.

Q: What will the musicians wear at my event?
A: Indoor ceremonies men wear tuxedo and women in nice black. Outdoor ceremonies men wear a tie and collared shirt and black dress pants and women in nice black. If you prefer differently, please let us know in advance.

Q: When will they arrive?
A: The musicians will arrive 30 minutes prior to the time they are to start the prelude music. It only takes a few minutes to set up but this gives them a chance to get any details that may have changed at the last minute.

Q: Do they need electricity?
A: Our musicians do not need electricity. They have a huge full sound. Using a microphone can sometimes take away from the ambiance of what you are trying to achieve.

Q: My friend wants to sing at the wedding. Will you accompany her/him?
A: In most cases yes. We will need to see the piece ahead of time to make sure there are parts/arrangement for the musicians that are in the same key as the soloist and that there would not be page turns.

Q: When would your group rehearse with a soloist?
A: We will rehearse with the soloist 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the prelude music. All planning for the piece will be made prior to the rehearsal so that the rehearsal will run smoothly. If the piece is more complicated, then a rehearsal would be needed earlier and additional fees would apply.

Q: Will we meet with you or the musicians before the event?
A: We welcome unlimited phone consultations and emailing. 

Q: What if one of the musicians gets sick and can't make it to the ceremony?
A: One of the greatest advantages of using Corda Entertainment is that we have other musicians that can cover in the event there is an illness or an accident.

Q: Are you a member of the Triad Bridal Association?
A: Yes, we have been charter members of the Association since its inception in 1999 when we were sought out to become members. The association follows a code of ethics in which we pledge ourselves to honesty and integrity.

Q: Do you use a contract?
A: A contract is required to engage the group. We strongly recommend that you be under contract with all of your vendors to assure everything will go smoothly.

Q: Can we pay by credit card?
A: We currently accept cash, checks, money orders and by Zelle.

Q: We are ready to hire you. What do we do next?
A: Please call us at 336.337.4838 or email us at to contact us about the details of your event.

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